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Standby Generators Sales and Service

DW Generator is the best company in Southwestern Ontario for standby generators for your residential or commercial properties. We have the answer for you if you own a home or business and have been looking for power security—a solution to help you when the electricity goes out! If you require reliable and affordable power when the grid is not available to you, we’re here to help you stabilize your electricity needs.

Give us a call today at (519) 809-0365 to ask about our generator options and get a free quote for your installation today!

The Generator That’s Right For You<

If you’re in the market for a standby generator, we know that you have unique power needs. Although it’s always a problem when the power goes out, you want to make sure you’re getting a generator capable of serving your needs while also not exceeding the size or capabilities that you should have. It’s about finding a generator that suits your home or business perfectly, without any costly excess or surplus.

At DW Generator, we have been working with generators for a long time and are also a GENERAC authorized dealer. We’re confident that we will be able to assess your power needs and recommend you the perfect generator that you need. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to run through the amount of power your home or business needs to function efficiently!

Excellent Service For Generators

The thing that makes us at DW Generator the best in the business is our excellent service based on a lifetime of experience with power generators. When you buy a generator, that’s not the end of the story. You require a professional installation and a company that won’t abandon you if your generator needs any maintenance or service.

DW Generator is here to help you with your generator repair and maintenance services if you need them after the sale. We’re always there when you need us with a smile, to help you when you need it. Your satisfaction is essential to us, so we always provide you exemplary service at every step.

Affordable Generators

Power security is something that everyone, no matter of income, should be able to achieve. Every building has different power requirements to function, and if you’re running a business, you should always have the ability to maintain operations when the grid fails.

When you work with us at DW Generator, we’re here to find you a solution that can provide you with a generator at a price you can afford. To do this, we look for generators that satisfy only the needs you have, nothing more, to keep your costs down.

We’re also so happy to offer you cost certainty before you choose to go forward with a generator. For every client, our company is happy to provide free quotes, so you know exactly what to expect from your generator installation.

Call to Get Your Standby Generator

If you are looking for a standby generator that will serve you well for years to come, DW Generator has the selection of premium generators you need to find a match. Give us a call at (519) 809-0365 to learn about your options and get a free quote on your generator installation.

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